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As your coach my mission statement is to be a guide and a way shower of sorts. With your permission I will assist you in bringing about the necessary changes that will support your life exactly where you are today. The idea of living with a sense of joy and passion in our day to day is critical to our overall well being. It is important to begin making changes without interrupting the flow of our daily lives. Change is somewhat traumatic. The least amount of trauma that is created when we want to make positive change; the easier it will be to integrate those changes.

It takes courage to do this work and yet the rewards are blissful. The work we will do together will include identifying and breaking through any blocks that are keeping you from achieving whatever passions, dreams and desires are yours at the present time. This will be accomplished with astrological life analysis, thought healing and guidance from our many spiritual helpers.

We will open doors to a more proactive reality where you can make choices based on valuable information discovered in your astrological chart. This knowledge will enlighten, support and encourage you to take risks and ultimately bring about creative change wherever necessary. You will unmask more of your true purpose that will support your individual contribution. It is important to remember that your birthday is very powerful as it relates to what you have come to experience and in this lifetime and how you can best experience it. As we explore who you are astrologically we will find exciting tools to move you forward. I find that my clients come to me when they “feel” a need to change or sense that they are moving towards a new way of living that is richer and closer to their authentic self.

I will use my astrological expertise along with my metaphysical training to support your most positive future vision I will also do my best to be available by phone, email and occasional texts.

Our first coaching session will be for at least one hour. I prefer two hours although I understand that finances can be a concern. We can work in person or by phone and my sessions include an MP3 recording sent to you immediately after our session is complete.

*If I do not have your natal chart on file, it is important, particularly for new clients to set up an appointment for this prior to your coaching sessions.


I started with Maria via her giving me an astrological reading which lead to coaching. I've been going to Maria for one year now. In that year, my life has changed dramatically in so many areas as to be almost unbelievable. I have come from literally only going through the absolute bare baisc motions of life to being an active, engaged participant.

What I have accomplished this past year coaching with Maria in personal growth, without changing my living conditions, without ending relationships, without changing jobs, has been so much more significant than all the counseling, seminars, religious excursions, all my prior journeys in my life up to this point put together. in one year, my coaching with Maria has had major, dramatic, beneficial effects on my life I have come from someone who was not engaged in 'living' her life to someone 'living' and vibrantly looking forward to each and every day.

Having Maria work up my birth chart, going over its many facets and coaching has provided me with an understanding and acceptance of myself which has been profound. Maria has helped me discover my own strength, to trust it, to depend on it.

Beware though, she WILL be upfront and personal...in her loving and positive way.

Judi – Physician’s Assistant
Long Beach, CA